Infrared Thermometer Thermal Scanner Camera

Infrared Thermometer Thermal Scanner Camera adopts infrared radiation measurement technique to measures body temperature by non contact means. It provides audio alarms and record image when a person with elevated temperature passes by. Includes: Infrared Camera, Mini USB to USB-A Cable, USB- A to USB-C, Metallic support for table, Tripod, Extended Adapting Plece.

CapacityWindows 10 64 bit
Weight77 g
Measuring Accurancy0.5 °C (Target temperature: 30-45°C)
Range0.15 m - 1 m
Size8 x 8 x 14.2 cm
TripoidFold: 54 cm Unfold: 156 cm
InfraredResolution: 256 x 192. Focal Length 3.2 mm. Field of view 56° x 42°. Mini USB
BatteryLife: 5 hours (No external power supply)

Product code: 107848