Ozone Generator

WOTTOLINE EXCLUSIVE. Our ozone generator produces one of the fastest and most effective microbicidal agents for the elimination of bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores since ozone is in charge of removing pollutants from the air. Helping in the prevention of the appearance of microorganisms and helps to eliminate bad odors.

Size500 x 100 x 340h
Certificates1010-1:1996+A2:1996 FILE 98021316
Power24-hour programmable timer that allow s permanent programming and reprogramming if necessary
CapacityOzone generating lamps that produce 135 mg of ozone per hour. 230V high voltage transformer at 2850 50 / 60Hz output. It can sterilize between 224 and 281m3 per hour.
BatteryChassis made of stainless steel. SCHUKO electric cable 2mts / 230V
ContentPilot ignition switch
Weight6,5 Kg
OthersWarranty 2 years. It is suggested for more effective sterilization to be performed at night.

Product code: 107790